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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CST

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in our land that i will be president for all americans. >> what is next after donald trump's upset victory? why there's already a battle brewing in washington? tonight find out how people in cedar rapids are coping with the results. turning to technology. 95 some sort of human error involved. submit to reduce crashes. the plans that will put unmanned vehicles on the roads. it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> we owe him an open mind and
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>> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leaving the country. >> just 24 hours after a new president is elected, calls for unity are ringing across the corridor, and the country. donald trump stunning victory over hillary clinton is now sending shockwaves around the world. when trump takes office in january he will have republican controlled house and senate. many political experts believe that will allow trump to take aim at several of president. obama's achievements, like the affordable care act and immigration reform. many high-ranking republicans say they will work with trauma. however today, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell says term limits will not be on any agenda in the senate. that was
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are voicing their opposition to the election of donald trump. this is a live look at a trump protest in philadelphia. this comes as president-elect trump lands to visit president. obama in the white house. calls for unity are also happening right here in the corridor. door miller joins us from cedar rapids, where many turned out to try to mend political fences. >> tonight it was a safe place for people to talk about the disappointment with the president?presidential election. holding hands and singing y kumbaya... looking back on the 2016 presidential race. 46:26:13 "that first spirit of america, the one that helps people out is not the spirit of america i see in donald trump."lindsey 33:58:17 "there's nothing, nothing that i saw even during the republican primaries that trump had a chance at winning." but as people from different backgrounds, men, women and children met sunk in. 43:20:17 "i had a really rough day today, but i vowed to help the next generation." moving forward -- hillary
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donald trump's plea to all of us...[insert clinton bite]it's >> i vowed to help the next generation. >> moving forward, it is what president. obama, donald trump, and hillary clinton all ask of us. >> i believe we are stronger together and we will go forward together. >> it is a challenge some didn't think they will have to face but now say they will have to accept it. >> we will have to keep speaking up and speaking the tr believe is the noble values that this country was established on. >> it starts small, i think it's a radical act to love yourself and love other people. >> no longer just to campaign so?logan, love trump hate is now a movement. >> we are about unity in diversity, and loving. that is what we are about.
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>> different groups that met here at green square say they plan to meet in the near future to discuss their options as early as next week to solidify some of those plans to move forward after the presidential election. while some people are protesting donald trump's presidency, kevin barry found one group celebrating a trump administration. >> we have been following some of those protests around you saw the video before. the people who enjoyed buying and carrying firearms don't always find a friendly public when they go outside and carry their guns. tonight the final conservative union was enjoying one of their institutionalized chances that they have to get together with each other. it took on a slightly different feeling after donald trump, who much of the group supported turn the polls last night on
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>> i would tell you that the typical person tonight was not surprised. not surprised by the wins at all levels in the government. most of the people in this group are the deplorable's? deplorable's that mrs. clinton referred to. we took it on as a badge of honor. >> just pass legislative session there was some success by some gun groups getting some legislation passed tt firearms in different locations, and in different situations. they say now with the republican senate could be easier to get some of those pieces of legislation through, so that will be one more thing we are paying close attention to once we get to 2017. after a frosty start we have another fine november day. temperatures were a little cooler. tomorrow we will rectify that as warmer air moves into
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we have a clean slate on the radar with quiet weather through the upper midwest. not even a cloud on the satellite picture. so tomorrow morning skies will be clear when you get up for the morning commute. temperatures are expected to be around 35-370. the sunshine will last all day unabated and temperatures with southwest winds will take off expecting a high of around 670. the normal high is 50. car crashes claim in the hawkeye state last year. the iowa department of transportation is turning to technology to try to reduce the number of fatalities behind the wheel. in this special report, connor morgan explains the future of driving may take the driver out from behind the wheel entirely. >> this year's death count for i will drivers has surpassed the 2015 total and we have almost 2 months left to go.
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may pave the path for safer driving. if you travel down i 380 regularly between cedar rapids and i was city, you are used to seeing traffic, you're used to seeing crashes, and you are used to seeing drivers. >> it is unfamiliar to us to see a vehicle, whether be a large semi truck or a small personal vehicle driving, and driver's will. >> unfamiliar, yes. unheard of, no. the iowa dot is teaming up with the university of iowa to transform nearly 20 miles of i3 80 into a test zone for automated vehicles. dan mcgee is the director of the national events driving some simulators university of iowa. and says the project's primary purpose is to improve driver safety. >> 95% of car crashes have some sort of human error involved. that's a high number relative
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these technologies will help reduce them. >> a reduction of up to 80% according to the iowa dot. freight is the focus for this i 83 transformation. but some in the trucking and? industry are not convinced this will improve safety. >> over 75% of the accidents that incur without semi vehicles are the four will vehicles fall. drivers is the idea of being replaced by technology. >> if you read up on the autonomous vehicles that is the driverless technology, ing that will enable those companies to continue to grow and fill some of these positions that there aren't individuals available to fill."
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automation for more than two decades - and mcgehee is pumping the brakes on technology replacing humans - at least right "it's very much a gradual process. this is not an overnight kind of thing where all of a sudden robots will be taking the roadways of iowa. // the first generation is going to be where we sit behind the wheel and turn over control to the vehicle."industry experts say truly driverless cars are possible - but a long way out. the next three years of the i- 380 project will go a long way >> industry experts say t but a long way out. the next three years of the i 380 project will go a long way in giving us a better timeline of when.
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city hopes to adopt a ?final plan before t in cedar rapids residents got a in marion - there's good news for your corridor commute.the roundabout at seventh avenue and seventh street will be opening tommorrow.a grand opening ceremony will be held at four o' leaders tell cbs 2 news - it's part of a long-term plan to ease congestion between sixth and seventh avenues. in cedar county - a man is in the hospital tonight after a farm equipment accident. news - first responders were called to franklin avenue in mechanicsville at about eleven this morning.first responders arrived to find a 26-year-old man stuck cbs2 news that it's part of a long-term plan to ease congestion between sixth avenue and seventh avenue. in cedar county a man is in the hospital tonight after farm equipment accident. the sheriff's office tells cbs2 news that first responders were called to franklin avenue in mechanicsville about 11 am. they arrived to find a 26-year- old man stuck in a combine head. he was airlifted to university of ohio hospitals and clinics. his condition is not known county in the iowa legislature.
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travis wiepert tells cbs 2 news - the city has 40-days to appoint a new mayor once she resigns her position.nielsen will be sworn in to the iowa house in january. friday is veterans day - it's a time to honor all of those who have served in our country's military. military.however once the day is over many people forget about the ?tens of thousand of vets struggling to meet ?basic needs.the non-profit group - friday is veterans day, a time to honor all those military. however, once the day is over many people forget about the tens of thousands of that's struggling to meet asic needs. the nonprofit group, freedom foundation in cedar rapids says for them, every day is veterans day. according to the national coalition for homeless veterans, nearly 40,000 are homeless on any given day. by the way, the freedom foundation relies entirely on donations. recorders top stories and tomorrow's forecast in the first 10 minutes.
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the hawkeye struggles on the gridiron continue. so what do they do to get past undefeated michigan? after a downturn in temperatures today it looks like tomorrow the winds turn to the southwest and we start
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y24zwy y12fy tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - we're live at the mistletoe market at mercy medical center - how you can get a jump on your holiday preparations.
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there used to be an old ad with the maytag repairman sitting around because maytag's were so good. that's like you guys and the weather department. >> it kind of feels that way. then there are periods where it is crazy, very hectic. right now we are in a low. it's going to last for about a week. so if you see me in the chair stop in and say hello. anyway, a nice evening in progress tonight with skies in eastern iowa. the radars are not detecting any precipitation. we have not seen any for about eight days. the radar is not getting much of a workout. this is the satellite imagery notice there is no cloud cover around the midwest. this high-pressure seem to it all the moisture has scoured out of the midwest. if you don't have any moisture you won't see the clouds or precipitation. i will be the case tonight and
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will be a good one. the temperature should be around 35-370. believe it or not, that's about 50 above normal. we will have southwesterly winds of about 5-15 miles an hour. we have a starry night ahead of us. by tomorrow morning the winds will start blowing from the southwest and that will send another surge of warm air in here. i late afternoon i expect our temperatures to be back into the mid and upper 60s about 15-180 above normal. and really into the weekend and much of next week. it is steady as she goes with the quiet mild weather in the midwest. it has been dry here for the last week or so, last time we had rain was on november 2. i don't see any chance now until november 18. so if that works out as planned, we will go 15 consecutive days without rain. that's tough to do, usually
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produces precipitation. here's that high-pressure ridge we talked about over the mississippi river valley. it is slowly moving southeast. for tomorrow the winds will turn to the southwest. late in the day we will see a front approach. it will be dry and won't cause any weather. it will cool the temperatures as we get more friday and saturday. but advance of this front most of southwesterly winds in th temperatures above the norms. this is our rainfall forecast. this goes through tuesday of next week. so get used to what you are seeing out there with a lot of sunshine and clear skies. here's the satellite showing the absence of weather over the midwest tonight. in our northern counties of looks like low temperatures will be in the range of 34-36 tonight with patchy frost.
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temperatures about the same, somewhere around 36-37. 37 in tipton and tama, 36 invention. in the north tomorrow lots of sunshine temperature 64-660. in the southern counties a bit warmer down around washington and security in close to 600, 66 in cedar rapids and 68 iowa city. here's the extended forecast. dry weather through the period. some fluctuations in temperatures. we will go down a bit on veterans day to 53 and by sunday we are back to 60 in much of next remain above normal before our next shot of cold air. how president-elect tromp was able to blow through a wall of blue to win the white house.
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across all political sides tonight, people are asking, 'how did it happen?'it seems the answer, may be simple. simple.scott thuman was with donald trump's team las across all political sites tonight people are asking how it seems the answer may be simple. >> where trump throws to spend his time in the rust belt, the middle class area that four
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won here since 1984--- while the new president-elect was in new york city to celebrate one of the biggest honors of all time, is here where that victory was solidified, the midwest, the rust belt. often labeled the heart of america. and perhaps no better example than wisconsin. no republican had one here since 1984, maybe why clinton did not feel the need to step in the state. she made zero appearances here, while trump 2) (:59 - 1:06) " i don't like open borders, i think that's ridiculous, and this country needs jobs and lots of them." practically pounced. >> you don't see any hillary signs. we are all tromp. there's so much support in wisconsin, it's crazy. the moves here from iowa to pennsylvania paid off. the map of this midsection a near flip from four years ago. from democrat blue to republican red. >> i don't like open borders, think that is ridiculous. this country needs jobs and lots of them. >> frankly, he saw the more capital. stay home.- charles, you sought. wouldn't think it could happen. donald trump turned it on its head. >> it was in ohio during one of
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me his message to the working- class resonated deeply regardless of all the speculation that some voters may stay home. >> i don't think people are fed up, think people are very excited about us. i can tell you we are leading ohio by four points and expect to do very well in ohio. i think they are very excited about what we are doing. we're going to bring jobs back. >> another sign of how the rust belt had it say last night, ohio voted for tromp and has now successfully predicted 20 of the last 30 presidential cycles. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now.
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we've just about run out of adjectives to describe the iowa offense this season -- none of them good -- and now the hawks are gearing up for an undefeated michigan team that's not just good -- and we have just about run out of adjectives to describe the iowa offense this season. none of them good, and undefeated should get team that is not just good, not just very good either. kirk ference knows i was young receivers are not getting the job done. so at this point, for iowa to hang with michigan they just have to do something, anything to keep pace in time of possession. >> to me it's not the iowa offense to just get first downs. be even with michigan at the way to punch some hoels in
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gonna have to be able to run the ball -- when you're outnumbered like that, it's tough to do" after missing out on the state tournament for the first time in six seasons -- the union knights are back at the cell center this week -- and the top seed in class three-a... a...their fans feeling pretty confident -- and though it did get close in the third set... so, too, were the knights -- peyton parker -- smacks a hot potato that yards especially in the second half, there on the field too much. the hawks need to punch holes in opposing secondaries they will have to be able to run the outnumbered like that it's tough to do. >> after missing out on the state tournament for the first time in six seasons the union nights are back this week in top seed in class iiia. their fans feeling pretty confident. bracket -- dike-new hartford e and north polk....down one-set to none -- the wolverines came roaring back in the second -- allie aalderks -- sit down!!! score 20-16....closing in on the win -- haleigh durnin -- gets up to get down -- d-n-h would never look back -- and are headed backt to the semi's
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they don't call eastern iowa a hot-bed for 3-a volleyball for nothin' -- mount vernon also in the field...first set -- wynne vandersall -- says "stay on your side!" -- 12-5 'stangs...later -- rory light lays one into the bermuda triangle -- this one got tight down the stretch -- but it'll be mount vernon and union in the semi's -- as the mustangs hold on 3-1... the cougars of sumner- fredericksburg are no strangers to the state trip to c-r the last five years... they're also no stranger to their first round o. the cougs swept columbus catholic in two meetings this year....and early on -- it showed -- jenna brandt sets up georgia ackley -- and she slams it home -- cougs jumped out to an early leadcolumbus catholic would answer -- anna sinnott -- finds the hole and burries it for the pointand it didn't stop there -- brianne eighme
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that's a major upset -- sailors 3, cougars one.... elsewhere in two-a -- grundy center swept by western sailors three-cougars one. grundy center swept by wesley christian. the wolfpack's onto at 16 straight semifinal appearance. last year was a down year for janesville. they last 14 games and still three years. taking on stormont today their 20th straight win. victoria hazzard has been around the block, defense makes it a two-point ballgame. janesville back to the semi finals as well with the sweet. the back row -- pirates go up by six...still second set -- -
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licking good -- hudson takes game three -- it would come hudson wins 3-1. across the bracket hudson wins 3-1. across the bracket springville also was in action darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. to share more photos at your cabin or video chat at your secret fishing spot... all for just $49. the best part? we put towers in places the other guys don't. because u.s. cellular thinks you deserve a signal that works wherever you are. switch to u.s. cellular and get a whopping 7 gigs of data per line
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another choice day tomorrow and sunshine all day long with
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>> stephen: hey, neil! he, man, i've been looking all over for you. i'm so glad you're on the show tonight but what are you doing up here? >> well,ou couple of days, i needed some peace and quiet. >> stephen: yes, this is a great place to get it. >> i just want to commune with the cosmos. that's how i roll. >> stephen: yeah, i get that. listen, you know, you're so much fun to have the show, but i gotta say, the way people are feeling, it might be hard to do a comedy show tonight. >> you know what we do in moments like this in my field? >> stephen: what? >> we invoke the cosmic perspective. >> stephen: what's that? >> that's what earth look likes from high above, not just, like,


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